Use this form to book eTendering training and to request a new user with access to managing tenders for NSW Government.

Tenders include requests for tenders, proposals, quotes and expressions of interest.

Who this is for

This form is for NSW Government professionals who are involved in:

  • tender processes including writing, loading, publishing, tenderbox opening
  • managing other eTendering users for their organisation
  • contract award notices
  • procurement plans
  • reporting.

This form is not for companies wanting to supply to NSW Government. Suppliers should register on eTendering instead of using this form.

What you'll need

To get access user access to eTendering, you'll need:
  • to complete eTendering system training delivered by either your administrator or NSW Procurement
  • approval from your agency's eTendering administrator.

How to apply

  1. Seek approval from your eTendering administrator.
  2. Enter your details.
  3. Enter your agency's details.
  4. Enter your agency's eTendering administrator's details.
  5. Select a training date, if you're attending a NSW Procurement training session.
  6. Select the eTendering processes you need access to.
  7. Send your application for processing.

Need help?

Please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre on or 1800 679 289.